Early Birthday Party


we did American PB&J sandwiches, though most kids opted for Nutella...


We had eight kids and their parents. 3 girls, five boys, one younger sibling. 4 from børnehave, 1 from his old school, 3 from various places. 1 refugee, 1 indigenous Dane, 3 new Danes and 3 dual heritage kids. Asian, African, Western European and Middle Eastern.

I made one American cake from scratch (Black current with vanilla buttercream) and a Danish cake with prebought layers and an entire pint of whipped cream. The Danish cake was a huge hit and Walt wanted the Danish birthday song. I think next year I’m not even trying for a fusion birthday party.

everyone got along. I hide Walt’s most precious toys to avoid fights. There was no biting or hitting this year. I still can’t get used to the lack of ceremony around birthday present opening, but I was happy with my decision to lock both unopened and opened presents in the crib to keep other kids from unwrapping/playing with them.