The Hurting Game

So Walter started mentioning a kid at school I'd never heard him talk of and saying they were playing "the hurting game." Today when I took him to børnehave, he was looking at the kid's picture and mentioning it again. So I asked two of the pedagog about it. They both looked blank. I asked the teacher's aid if she knew what it was, no clue. Then Walter walks up to the boy and said kid starts whacking him on the arm. Oh! That's the hurting game. The pedagog spoke to Wally's punching buddy and I told him that games that make you cry aren't good games. Valdemar, the youngest child there, told the boy hitting was not OK. Walt took some cuddles and then wandered off to play something else. His friend Layla took advantage of the vacancy and climbed into my lap for some cuddles of her own. I can't resist small child cuddles! In the category of hitting, Walter's Eritrean buddy was probably the worst culprit of it when she first started and couldn't communicate, now four months later she gives Walter lectures about rough housing in her accent-less Danish, which I find adorable.


Walter with his Aunty Krystal trying to use chopsticks.