I keep being asked about sending us stuff: so here's the answers.

1) if you send something from the US, declare the value as under $50, so we don't have to pay taxes on it. Even if it's a present, if it's expensive enough they want us to do our bit for the community.

2) tracking is good. Don't worry about if we have to be home. We have to be home for ALL package deliveries. Thru send us an email notification that the package is coming that day and if we still miss it, it ends up at the post office in the big grocery store. Picking it up is easy. We always need groceries. 

3) http://Amazon.UK will have much cheaper shipping and carries most books. The pound isn't much more than the dollar. If you get thing used they should be very affordable. Seriously the kids beat on their books, if it comes pre-worn, none of us care.

4) has free shipping to Denmark on orders if 40 Euros. The Euro and dollar are pretty much even right now. Amazon Germany includes VAT, so you know what you're paying before check out. Amazon Germany is probably the most painless way to send things and has an English version of their page. 

5) Lastly Amazon US has surprisingly cheap shipping to Europe.