These are some old pictures from a month ago that you haven't seen. I'll try to get some new ones soon. Walter is doing really well at nursery school. We've transitioned him to the teacher's speaking mainly Danish and I've started speaking only Danish when we're on school grounds. Two days ago he started crowing "Bornehave is school! Bornehave is school!" He finally figured out what the word meant. Yesterday one of the blonde boys started babbling at him, implying that his English sounds like nonsense. Walter, being Walter, started giggling and said "You're so silly!" "My friend is silly." Today, I announced that these were Walter's friends. There were five boys present, 4 Danish, 1 Danish-South African of Southwest Asian descent (I drop him off early and boys out number girls 3-1). The biggest boy, a dishwater blonde who always seems to be wearing clothes two sizes too small said "Nej!" I asked them if they were Walter's friends. Three of the five boys started a chorus of "Nej! Nej!" I noticed that Erik didn't join in (the fifth boy was engrossed with an iPad, though has been nice to Walter in the past), I asked Erik if Walter was his friend and he said "Ja." So I pulled up a chair next to Erik and left them playing Leggos together. I told the teachers about it, laughing, and the head of the school started to say something about kids having no tact and I told her that the kids don't all have to be friends with each other, they just have to be nice to each other and I didn't care if Walter was only actually friends with a handful of them. She seemed relieved at my very unAmerican response to the situation.