Enjoying the Sun


We've been having a good visit with Mike's parents. Walter is very happy to have back to back grandparent visits. We've gone to all our usual haunts: the big park with the playground, the library, a visit to his børnehave and even discovered a couple new playgrounds on the walking path behind the house. The walking path, converted train tracks, is huge, by the way. We found a map and it goes on for a four hour walk all the way to the next big town and the seashore with another bracket going goodness knows where. Once I have my cargo bike I intend to take it all the way. 

We visited the børnehave Monday and intend to visit again Friday at their urging as the lead up to him actually starting next week. Last time we were there it was rainy and the kids were indoors. Walter donned an apron and played the whole time with three girls in the giant pretend kitchen. I found myself fascinated by Aya, a refugee from Eritrea, who has her own personal linguist aid. Like Walter, she doesn't speak any Danish, and she comes from what is clearly a totally different world. We watched her place a baby doll on her back, grab as scarf and heft it up there with such practiced ease I had to wonder if she has hauled her baby sibling like that. 

At the playground I met a woman who had actually lived in Hingham, MA for a year and gave me her contact number. For everyone, including this woman, telling me how stand offish Danes, it seems to me that everyone is more than happy to lend a hand and help us settle in. She's been texting me great online shopping sites and telling me where the big box stores are. Apparently the reason there are no truly huge grocery stores is actually an EU law that says that stores can't be larger than X square meters and are required to have competition within so many meters. I'm not sure how that works, but it does explain how there can be so many small chains operating in the same space. I don't mind it, I just wish they weren't all super discount stores (aside from the Irma), because sometimes you want the softest toilet paper, not the cheapest.