Live Marches On


So I'm reminded of an old adage about the first time you buy a house or rent it out, how everything breaks. Admittedly, when we bought a house we'd preemptively just bought new most of the saddest appliances. If you're keeping track, when we started at this rental the stove top needed replacing, the door to the garden was broken, most of the electrical outlets needed overs, two light fixtures were in need of repair, the fridge had no handle, the dryer had no handle and our garbage can was too small to support both our refuse and the neighbors. As of right now, all that's wrong is the stove and the garbage can. However, ironically the day we finally put the new handle on the dryer it tripped the GFI breaker, repeatedly, and fried the washer which looks like it was tripping water, perhaps breaking the dryer. The broken washer was stuck with a locked door and our clothes on the inside. I had to call Siemens who said the model was so old just to break it open. Our landlord and his assistant were on vacation, but thankfully still in touch and we have a new washer and dryer that are being installed as I type this. I'm hoping the dryer actually dries clothes 100% unlike the old one, which I'm told was a terrifying pile of rust and badly installed components.

My cargo bike is everything I had hoped for. It cuts my bike ride to Walter's school by 2/3rds and means I can travel so much further afield. Admittedly I need the gears looked at as switching them to easier modes is a bit sticky, to the point that sometimes it doesn't switch over till AFTER I'm up the hill and hills in general are killer hauling that much weight. I think a lot about all my martial arts training in my 20's and how it's prepared me for motherhood and my life here. I don't think I've been this active in years and I'm sure I'l be back in fighting trim soon. Getting used to the unique place that a bike holds in transportation has been interesting. I have to think of the city now not as a walker, but in terms of what streets have bike paths and where can I lock it up. I keep treating my cargo bike like a car thinking I need to park in lots, when on a bicycle you can pull right up near a store's entrance, which is pretty awesome. Also, as I learned from my friend Julia, you can always hop off your bike and ta dah! You now get to follow pedestrian rules. My next biking goals are the ocean and the end of the old train tracks. So far I've just gone to Trellborg, the viking ruins, which was entirely uphill on the way back and destroyed my thighs for a couple days. Totally worth it though and biking by gorgeous grain fields was a treat. Oceans of wheat is something I had heard described, but never experienced before.



Walt loves being goofy with Trixie. He asked me to take these pictures.