Dub Step City


As always there's so much to write about and precious little time to do it in. Tuesday we went to Odense, which I wanted to pronounce like the name of another swan princess, but you actually say "Unze" like a noise you'd make imitating dub step techno. Odense, is only 30 minutes away on the express train. It's a fun ride going under a tunnel and over two bridges to make it to the next island. 

We went first to the train museum, which is steps from the train station. We all enjoyed getting to view and enter antique trains ranging from as old as the Victorian era. Walt also enjoyed the playground, train tables, mini train station and mini train ride. He took that ride like four times, dutifully exiting at the appropriate place and then looping around to line up on it to go again. When he was done, he actually took the entrance gate door from the conductor and shut it, announcing he was staying here in his "castle". Mike's mom is visiting and this was her first experience with Danish playgrounds. This one had particularly epic 15 foot slides, thankfully of the tube sort, and another playground we visited later had a fire fighter theme with a ladder encouraging children to climb the roof of the structure. I left BB with Mom, so I could climb around the wooden train engine with Walter. It was a treat.

After three hours of viewing royal carriage cars (as opulent as you'd expect) and viewing displays of the history of train crashes, we tried to go to a park, but it was pretty bare bones and Wally did not want out of his stroller. So instead we hit a bakery and I found a used clothing store with 20 KR jumpers. New clothes run like 25-50 bucks a pop, so somewhere with dresses for less than 3 dollars was a big deal. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying most of my child gear used from now on. I'm still questing for rubber boots for the boy, but he declined the offerings at the shop, because none had animal  faces on them. One of his new jumpers is covered in whales.

Yesterday, I took the kids to the next town over, Sorø for multiple doctor's appointments. Beatrix is now near 10 pounds and gained a few inches. Walter's iron is in good shape and the suggestion is to get him to eat some liver paste daily to keep it up. I passed my physical to switch my driver's license to a Danish one and Wally got the superstar treatment for having CMV's butt as an infant. The office was in a very old building, like Michael's office, and Walt kept insisting we were in the wrong suite of rooms and should be looking for Daddy. Sorø has a huge downtown and is on a big lake, so I want to explore it more as a potential place to move in a year or two.

Today I went to the language center to sign up for my free lessons and do the interview. I qualify for their most rigorous tier, which would ready me for the citizenship exams in 17 months. However, I couldn't apply for citizenship for nine years and despite the fact that I am ostensibly not working, I'm putting in 80 hours a week on childcare and Beatrix would not be welcome at the 15 hours of weekly classes and I can't imagine how I would do the homework! Instead I'm going to try their online courses and supplement with having millions of Danes around to talk to. I am officially dropping the first 'r' from the pronunciation of my name, to make it easier for people to say and remember. I know from past countries lived in that having an unpronounceable name is a social barrier.

I'm now working on getting Beatrix registered with both countries' governments, which is a bit of a chicken and egg situation, but I'm sure I will figure it out. I'm getting used to everything being a quest and I've now completed enough to know there is an actual end. Save waiting for my permanent Danish driver's license and pin number for my debit card to come in the mail, I've actually hit the end of the getting established paperwork! With the new TV (oh yes, we had to leave the plasma in Pembroke and just got an OLED, which Mike has wanted forever) we even have access to the full panoply of Danish TV content now.