Sorry I haven't had time to write in what feels like forever. There has been so much to do and today is the first genuinely slow day I've had since we moved to Slagelse. Most of our bureaucratic stuff is finally under control and we have officially sold our house in Pembroke. We now have no material ties to the United States. I still have to get little BB registered with the US embassy and the Danish government, but there's no rush on that and we have a couple more steps before our bank account stuff is totally functional and we have Danish driver's licenses, but that's a pretty small stack. Also waiting on licenses to get a cargo bike. I want the Mercedes Benz of cargo bikes and new they are about 4,000 USD, while they pop up used in Copenhagen pretty frequently. We just need to be able to rent a van to get it to Slagelse. Once I've got my wheels there are so many cool places I can visit including half a dozen beaches and an outdoor Viking museum built on an archeological site. That said, there is plenty I can see via my own two feet. I've not got the grocery stores situation under control, can get to a Home Depot like hardware emporium, a big park with a playground, an indoor playscape, 5 preschools, a myriad of restaurants, citizen services, the banks, the cell phone carriers, shops, bakeries, the train station, the big bus station and the library. I can't say walking is exactly limiting. 

The weather has been so gorgeous Michael is talking about when we buy a house how we should get one with a patio off the kitchen, so we can set up a projector, get some nice outdoor furniture and do our whole evening routine outside all summer long. Today is the longest day of the year. This means pre-dawn start around 3 AM, the long dawn at 4 AM, sunset at 10 PM and five hours of twilight instead of real night. There are pretty much no bugs here, which explains why no windows have screens. "Noon" ends up being around 4 PM and it is just very pleasant. Kind of like North Haven on steroids, for those of you who know the idyllic summer location of my youth. All I'm missing is access to the beach, which just seems like too much of a challenge until I get my bike. 

Wally starts børnhave in early July after Mike's parents go home. I'm very excited for him, We're going to do half days five days a week. I really like the place we chose and I think Walter is going to blossom there. They have a strong emphasis on language there and it's a very Montessori curriculum. We've been told we can stop by to visit whenever, so I'll probably take him there a couple more times before he actually starts. I'm looking forward for the excuse to get him eating real lunches and making more healthy ones for myself as well.

Beatrix has been doing a lot of growing. You can probably see from the photos that she now has proper baby jowls and is on the edge of outgrowing her NB clothes. She's essentially at a month achieved the size Walter was at birth. She's much more visual than her brother was and likes to look at mobiles. She enjoys being dragged everywhere in the marsupial carrier and everyone enjoys holding her. We went for hotdogs in town the other day and an elderly woman asked to hold her hand. I took little Bea out so that the woman could hold him. Another senior saw this, put her hotdog in the cup holder of her motorized ride and demanded to get in on the baby cuddles. I got to her all about their barnabarn (grandchildren, literally "children's children). My listening comprehension is improving as is my writing, since I text our landlord exclusively in Danish as well as a mommy coworker or two, but the speaking is still eluding me. Hopefully the free Danish lessons will kick in soon. Like everything here, there's a lot of steps and we're currently waiting to have our interviews scheduled to determine which classes we should be in. Hopefully they will start before BB is crawling!