Sorry there hasn't been any travel log updates. The last few weeks have been a blur. We moved into our permanent rental on June 1st and my parents came on the 2nd. The weekend was consumed with moving out of the temporary rental and closing that out and since then it's been dealing with settling in to the new place. Aside from the sea of possessions and boxed treasures, the house was filthy on arrival. My dad woke up in the morning to find a spider had drowned in his water glass, that's how many cobwebs and spiders there are here...I've a punch list of a dozen items that the landlord needs to take care of including get a handle for the fridge, a handle for the dryer and fix the lock on the door to the backyard. I had to cut copies of the keys myself (he's going to reimburse me) and while he's ordering us a bigger trashcan, we're stuck with a tiny one for two weeks. We had the fun surprise of finding out our little rubbish bin is shared with the neighbors who have a unit off the back of our house and the tenant's girlfriend had just moved in. Luckily they are lovely and have agreed to take our recycling to the center in town (they have a car), so that we generate less refuse and can limp by on the one tiny can for six people until the bigger one comes. So like everything else with this move, nothing happens quickly and everything seems overly complicated.

I do, however, feel like we're finally coming to an end of it. The closing on the house in Pembroke is on the 20th. We got our yellow cards and are in the process of opening a bank account. It's only taking 3 trips to the bank! My NEMID is in the mail and Monday we exchange our US licenses for Danish ones, hopefully the last piece we need in really establishing ourselves in the Danish system. The NEMID will let me sign Walt up for preschool and get into a host of Danish sites.

I love down town Slagelse. It's very pedestrian friendly and has everything one could want from shopping to eating to services. I've already stopped in the cell carrier to get my voicemail set up, used the "Kommune" for a bunch of bureaucratic stuff, visited the bank, a bike shop and going to check out the hobby shop and a clothing store today. Walter is ready for actual underwear! I'm so proud of him for having bladder control, we just need to fine tune it now.

The library has proved to be as amazing a resource as the ones on the South Shore. I've picked up a list of their programming, checked out some manga and visited it three times and made a Mommy Coworker on each visit. The most recent one was a Somali-Dane who had moved here from Kenya when she was four. Her son Malik was quite a bit younger than Walt, but they had fun together and we had a fascinating, long, conversation about Trump, terrorism, Islam and religion in general. She was a very moderate hijab wearing Muslim who got really incensed when people tried to tell her she should discriminate against other religions, that the current batch of terrorist were legit muslims and that her choice to cover her hair was a form of oppression. She did confirm what I'd been told by some people in Copenhagen, that Denmark right now is not particularly Muslim friendly,  though she did not feel they were in anyway racist.

I walked an hour the other day to an indoor playscape. It was very Danish, lots and lots of climbing structures. It was designed for kids all the way into the double digits as evidenced by the large birthday party of 8th or 9th graders running around. The walk was surprisingly pleasant for ending in an industrial park. There were all sorts of bike/pedestrian short cuts that avoided the major roads. Walter managed to get himself stuck on the upper level of one of the structures. I flagged down a teen and asked her to help since I had Trixie strapped to my chest. She called over some friends and next thing I knew a swarm of girls with waist length sandy hair were swarming up to his location and passing him down from one platform to the next like a treed cat. Thank goodness he's a trusting little guy and willingly clung to all of them. I felt like it was the sort of experience that wouldn't happen back in the 'states.

Beatrix is growing like a weed, has fat rolls on her thighs now and fills out the 3 month Carter's clothes comfortably. She's making all those weird newborn whale sounds and is very visually oriented. Mike likes to hold her and move her around and watch her eyes track him.