Falling into Place


Yesterday was exhausting, but productive. I took the train to Slagelse, which isn’t bad from city center, but we’re not staying in city center. All in all it ended up being like 2 1/2 hours of travel door to door. The train at least was lovely and fast. We went from one end of the island to the other, passing verdant farm land along the way. Slagelse is a nice town, reminded me of when we lived in Morristown, two grocery shops, lots of little boutiques and places to eat. Bike friendly and beautiful architecture. Walt and I looked at a couple rentals and hit the library. The first rental is the one we’re going to take, it’s an actual house, or most of it, there’s a couple rooms off the laundry space that are a separate apartment rented to a quiet grad student. It’s at the end of a gravel private road abutting decommissioned rail tracks, with a big, lush backyard, fenced in with a little lily pool. There are raised veggie beds, wild strawberries and rhododendron bushes in my favorite of their colors, pale pink. The house itself is large, I think larger than the one we owned in Pembroke, MA. The upstairs has four bedrooms, three small, but of a size you could actually fit a bed in, with funky kid’s wallpaper and an open room in the middle that would make a great playroom. The downstairs has two large rooms, a giant U-shaped kitchen-living room with TV wall mount set up, a full and half bath with actual bathtub as well as shower and then the laundry room. It’s heavily insulated and while the kitchen stuff isn’t shiny and new, it has a dishwasher and dryer which are especial pluses and the owner will leave the light fixtures for us. The owner was very nice and, like everyone in Denmark, liked kids. I told him not to repaint the wall Nordic white, which I hate, we’d rather keep the old colorful paint job that wasn’t going to show every dirty hand print the kids adorned the walls with.

    My middle appointment had canceled, so I took Walt to the library. The librarian was enthusiastic and keen to tell me about their scads of child programming. They had a great kids section and comics section, which will be good for my Danish. I even made a friend there, a nice woman whose son is also two and a half and also likes wearing dresses. We had a lot in common in terms of values and I was excited to exchange phone numbers with her. 

    For my friends who worried that Walt and Mystery Sibling would be growing up in an entirely homogenous environment I spotted an Asian family and an African woman around town, so it seems at least as diverse as the South Shore. 

    The second place I looked at was a 3rd floor walk up in a very narrow stair well. It was the first livable apartment that I’d seen, but the laundry was in the low ceilinged basement and space would still be tight. For another $500 a month I’d rather live somewhere frictionless where all our stuff fits and Mike has the option to work from home. 

    We didn’t get home till 7:30 PM. The train spit us out at a different spot than on the way in, which made finding the right bus frustrating, but we got home and an e-mail from the realtor was waiting for us with a decent offer on the house from a nice recent divorcee, her three young sons and their cat. So things seem to be finally falling into place. Next step is getting that lease, so I can get a bank account set up!

Next time I write, I should hopefully have had a chance to relax, explore and write about things a little less universally mundane.