It's Not Over Till It's Over


Saving this for when he's 15 and won't do chores... 


Yesterday was disheartening. I spent the majority of the day looking at apartments and since they were on opposite ends of the suburbs, I only saw two. The first was expensive, close to the train and in an active construction zone. Having lived next to a giant complex being constructed the first time I rented in China, I can tell you, you do not want to live in such a place. The dust is phenomenal as well as the noise. Walter enjoyed looking at the “Monster truck tracks” as he dubbed them and the tiny back yard was cute, but if we’re going to pay those kinds of prices I’d rather have the benefits of being in the city. The apartment itself was generally nice, it had an induction top stove, a dryer as well as washer, dish washer and everything was done in that ultra modern sleek white, white style. I wasn’t so excited by the floor to ceiling windows and the stair case lacked any railings and was twisty, I fear I’d slip with baby in arms at some point and take a tumble. Interesting fact, the modern apartment comes with appliances, but you still have to bring all your own light fixtures!

    The second place was in a lovely neighborhood. There were grocery stores and restaurants near by. It was bike friendly. There were schools and yards and it just had a nice vibe. We arrived 2 hours early and I let Walt play in the lush fenced in back yard of our potential backyard. The outside was just lovely. I could picture doing all sorts of outdoors stuff there, having a veggie garden, sledding, maybe even ducks…There was a swing set and child’s playhouse as well as a car port. We got lunch, went to a small church playground and wandered back at the appointment time. Then the disappointment set in. This 4 “bedroom” rental had no closets, two of the rooms were in the partially finished basement and by “partially finished” I mean no room down there was completely finished at all. There were no appliances, we’d have to rent them, the living room was so small we’d pretty much only be able to use it as a dinning room and there was carpet everywhere, which would make potty training Walter a nightmare. I was really hoping this place would be the one that my search would be over and all the headaches of not having a permanent address done with, but no.

    Footsore and disappointed I went home, asking Mike to get some essentials on his way back from work, only to find out that his transit card lists the 50KR deposit on it when he gets on the bus, except you can’t actually spend that and so he was going to be VERY late coming home. I dragged Walter down to the fancy corner store, Irma, to get the essential milk he needs to for his bedtime routine. He saw another small human there and chased her around the store trying to make friends. Poor little guy, he really needs more social, but I have so many basics I have to take care of first that I really can’t devote the hours needed to start building up a friends network for him.

    On a happier note, I’ve got three places that I’m checking out on Monday, so hopefully one of them will work out.