Classic Daddy and Baby Pose


We're down to just a few days before we move to the long term rental and the source of so many irritations go away. I am counting the minutes. Beatrix has acclimated enough to the temperatures outside that I have her in sleeveless onesies. The adorable ones Julie gave us for Walter's birth sadly are still going unused as the head hole is too small to comfortably put on Beatrix, however there's a bunch of other cute ones I'm getting to make use of. The little girl today leaned how to roll from belly to back, a 4 month milestone. Clearly she's going to make all the trouble like her big brother...

I haven't been venturing far. It's hard to maneuver Walter into the stroller the 50% of the time he decides he doesn't want to get in, especially with Beatrix strapped into the hot Baby Björn on my chest, plus my sporran slung around my neck, plus on one of Mike's silk shirts over the whole rig. I can't wait till we can finally open a Danish bank account on Friday and get our yellow cards, so I can stop carrying things, like my passport, on my person all the time and wear my sporran exposed on my waist. Plus Slagelse should not be a pickpocket danger like Copenhagen. So anyway, we haven't gone farther than we can walk, which means the known libraries and continuing our library discoveries.

Yesterday we went to a rather lackluster playground nestled in a large park in the morning. It seems some sort of playground is a prerequisite of any park. We ended up spending more time walking around the large pond admiring the birds. I need to teach Walt to swim, but for the moment, his natural fear of water makes a pond visit pretty relaxing as I know he's not going to go charging into the deep.

In the afternoon we went to the massive active graveyard near the house. Most of it looks like a park, but I think these are just plots waiting to be filled. We found a Muslim section. I haven't gotten over my fascination with being told that Denmark is 100% homogenous and seeing all these signs of a Muslim subculture of fairly substantial proportions and from an outsiders perspective seems pretty well assimilated unless you're going to be a stickler for fashion. I encountered my first mosquitos since I got here and Walter found a fenced off construction site with piles of rubble spilling onto our side, which he happily turned into a shape sorting game for a bit.

My parents come Thursday, I've got a pile of settling in stuff that we have to do for a few days, but I'm hopeful in another week we'll be able to do some tourist stuff, visit viking ruins and modern castles and the like. I feel like my life in Denmark will truly begin as of next week!