I had meant to keep up with the mega long posts, but unsurprisingly my mind has been rather full of cotton balls for the better part of the week. All things considered, since I'm not napping and until last night was not getting anything approximating a decent night's sleep, I'm doing well. I'm hoping last night is a sign of things to come, with Walter actually sleeping his normal 12 hours straight and Beatrix only feeding every three hours.

I sent Michael back to work yesterday. He could have taken more days of paternity leave, but I want him to save his vacation for things that are critical, like moving next Thursday, or things that are fun, since he doesn't get the Danish 5 weeks till next May. Today is a national holiday, something big and religious that nobody really celebrates because most of the country is agnostic, so Mike is home again. We actually planned it like this in case I had a melt down yesterday. Obviously I didn't, I walked 45 minutes to the Jewish nursing home. "Oy" sounds kind of funny in Danish.

I can't get over how good I feel. The day before yesterday I walked the hour back  to the hospital for Beatrix to have a check up simply because  I had so much energy. On one of the two nurse home visits I've had, they said she looked a little jaundiced, though far below the concerning threshold. At the hospital they warned me usually these things got worse before better and it was typical for babies to loose some weight after birth. Beatrix's jaundice was down 25% and she'd gained a couple ounces. We were told no further check ins were necessary. For all that she's smaller than her brother, little Bea is also a tank. Her wirey little frame is putting on fat fast and her neck is even stronger than Wally's was. She actually can roll from back to side on her own; I fear how early she will be crawling.

The playgrounds have gotten truly grand with the warm weather. After Trixie's appointment, we went to a huge one by the hospital. They had the water running and there were probably 50 children under the age of 6 running around in their undies playing various water activities. Walt declined to take his jumper off until he got sprayed by a water cannon and then he was just another dishwater blonde dashing about like a woodland fairy. He figured out where he could stand (they'd actually made cut outs of houses with seat like shelves) to watch the water fights without getting soaked himself. There was a hill in the middle of the playground that Beatrix and I could sit on, watch Walter's antics and just enjoy the sun. 

After two hours I finally lured the boy out of the park with the promise of ice cream. I personally had a loaded Danish hotdog (4 sauces, 2 kinds of onions and pickles) and Trixie had mama's milk.

I wanted to get Bea's birth certificate yesterday, but it turns out to be impossible until after the 1st of June when we have our yellow cards. I have to go online to register her name with the church and I need the NEMID off the yellow card. Thank goodness June is finally almost here! We have at least filed the paperwork for our new address, but were told it couldn't be processed till the start date on the lease. For all that this is frustrating, I'm told it has nothing on moving to the US for work!