Different in the Best Ways


The afternoon is the best time to go to the playgrounds as all the kids are out of school or daycare. The place was packed yesterday and it was a real delight. In the United States I always got in trouble for touching other people's children or picking them up, it really freaked a lot of people out. Here, a woman who I had met for all of three minutes asked if I could watch her 20 month old while she went to retrieve her stroller. Then, there was the zip line like thing you could sit on that she rode with her child and Walter immediately expressed a desire to also go on the wild ride. I showed her my belly and she offered to take him instead, so she handed me her son and I handed her mine and off they went! Moreover when Walt saw these older kids playing on these park vehicles he clambered on the back. The kids' reaction? "Come on!" You may also note the grubby soccer ball he's clutching. He wanted to play ball with another kid and his dad, but the other child didn't want to share, so the dad found Wally his own ball.

Earlier in the day we walked to the library Walt had fallen asleep in. There was a daycare group there. Walt joined right in, playing whatever they were playing and the ladies running the gathering treated him like one of their own. I guess I internationally look like a softie, because some three year old tricked me into putting on her coat and almost her shoes until her caretakers came over and chided her gently that she could put them on herself. I had my first successful conversation in Danish, I'd taken Mike's advice that it wasn't about pronunciation, but quick recall, so I picked out key words and just guessed at the meaning of the questions, thankfully successfully.

The apartment hunt continues. I've got an appointment this Sunday to look at a place and a lot of other's that I'm waiting on word from. So far only two were rented out before we had a chance to even see them. Our stuff has been delayed 5 days, which is a relief. Still haven't gotten my residency card, which is stressful.