Another day


The last couple of days have been very up and down. The Danish government didn't finish processing Mike's paperwork until 4PM on Friday, so yay he can start the new job Monday, but my goodness the lead up to that was stressful. Walter and I are supposed to have ours processed by the end of Monday. This means we can all get national ID numbers that allow us to open a bank account, get cheaper transit passes, get on the healthcare system, get library cards and all that other stuff you need to really settle in.

This morning was raining. We've had rain for some part of pretty much every day (or hail), but today was steady and long. The apartment becomes cavernous as all the light fixtures are in the front of the rooms and it doesn't penetrate past the middle of the room. I tried to take Walt to a library, but I don't have a rain coat yet or anything for his stroller. Trying to move over uneven pavement and gravel with one one hand on the stroller takes a lot of effort. Plus Wally's stroller blanket got soaked. We only made it as far as the Lilde grocery store that sadly did not have pull up diapers as promised. Walt spent 20 minutes scooping peanuts in the shell before I could finally drag him back home.

Thankfully the day got better from there. The swarm place down the street has lunch specials that make it cheaper than cooking at home. I used to always do frozen pizza on Trader Joe's prefab stuff for weekend lunches, so that is a major upgrade for us. It stopped raining and I took the boy on a playground quest. We found one not marked on the map,, probably because it was part of a huge apartment complex. The more organic nature of Danish playgrounds means even after a good soaking there is a lot you can play on. There were no other kids, I suspect because it was still gray and Vikings just don't seem to be as cold hardy as Mongolian barbarians. We spent some time there and then wandering the gardens around the apartments. Walter loved all the random stars. Then we went back to the playground as the sun decided to show his face and the kids started coming out. He joined a soccer game, giggling and chasing after the actual players in the little fenced in court. Then we met a Ugandian-Kenyan family. They were raising the kids speaking English and Danish, so the parents were both from former English colonies and neither Swahili nor Ugandan was a language they shared or felt was particularly useful. So see, those of you who worried that Walt would get no exposure to non-European gene pools, he's probably seen more Africans and Middle Easterners in a week than in his entire life! It's too bad I haven't switched over to a Danish number yet or I would have exchanged contact information with them....