Feral Children


The children's places continue to delight. I went to a park that was like 7 year old Marjorie's dream. I remember as a kid shunning the boring playground for the open field behind it. The best part of it was by the fence where they couldn’t mow the grass and we could play a myriad of games with dandelions and maple saplings. This park was what I really wanted then. It was a combination of a Chinese public park and a playground, all trampled semi wild greenery interspersed with play equipment. It was nothing like the sterile play in the US. We were the only ones there and made great use of the skateboard ramp, the painted rocked, trikes and other goodies. Dania, when Aina is three you must visit me in Denmark, it’s like an entire country that adheres to your childrearing views.

    Today we did some library touring. At first look I thought the children's room bare at the place down the street until I saw another kid climbing all over the walls. Walt didn't care that there were only like 5 toys there, they were the right toys. A cart to fill with books, Duplos, a wooden pirate ship and a couple wooden cars. I read the library rules in the automated check out system. They actually give you a return receipt to save as proof that you brought the books back. Simple transactions could entirely be done without a person. 

    We then walked 25 minutes to another library. Thank goodness this is an easy pregnancy and that the stroller makes walking easier! I needed a good sit when we got there and Walt had conked out, which I'd have been more concerned about if he hadn't done the same thing last night and then finally slept straight through the night. The elevator was broken and the first floor had no comfy chairs, so I stubbornly carried Walt to the second floor and the stroller too. A young lady offered to help carry up the bulky stroller and when I showed how it folded into a portable configuration you would have thought she was seeing Martian technology. See? These American strollers have their uses. They may not be bassinets on wheels meant for dozing, but they are great for portability. The other person with a stroller, the big clunky old fashioned pram type, just left her sleeping baby down stairs. I don’t think I’ll ever unbend enough for that. The librarian there showed me the Copenhagen library network website and how to find out when they have programming going on. I woke Walt up, but he was in no mood to play, so we left. On the way out we ran into a North African woman and her toddler and I had my first halting interaction in Danish. We confirmed the children were the same age. She asked if I was pregnant and if I knew the gender. I would have liked to stay longer, but Wally just wanted to roll.

    We stopped at the Netto grocery store on the way back. I feel like I am constantly grocery shopping and the clerk was very impressed when I used Apple Pay. I’m told the Apple Watch hasn’t caught on yet here. Not that it’s exactly common at home…Aside from that it’s just been dealing with loose ends and waiting waiting waiting on our paperwork, which we have been assured will be processed by Monday, so I assume that means tomorrow.