Ready to go


So tomorrow at 10 PM we fly out to Denmark. It's been a very relaxing week here with Mike's parents. Wally has been having a grand time with his grandparents to the extent that I've had so much free time to work on my comic, my Danish skills, read on my Kindle etc. that I actually have eye fatigue from staring at so many things up close. I haven't spent this much screen time before Walter was born and even for that it's probably excessive in my effort to binge on my hobbies while I have the rarity of free time.

Lian took the very long train ride out to visit us today, says it's going to be cheaper to visit us in Denmark than her friends in California. I really appreciate her making the trek. Gil and Liz were going to visit, but they could only do Sunday and we need tomorrow for packing, have to make sure none of our bags are overweight. I'm told our airplane is a Dreamliner, very new and with much better cabin pressure than older planes, so that's particularly good for me. I'm incredibly excited to be going, though the whole thing seems surreal at this point. Big changes of locale always take a few days to feel real to me. Next "letter" I write to you all will be from Denmark!