My good friends Ivone and Jackie threw me a surprise combination baby shower going away party on Friday. It was so touching. All of my closest friends and mommy coworkers were there. Aside from walking in the door, Walter hearing the cacophony of over a dozen people saying "surprise" and wanting to instantly leave, a good time was had by all. I'm really going to miss this network I've built up over the past two years, all these wonderful people, all these wonderful activities we've done together.


They took a vote on whether they thought Thwompy would be a boy or a girl and put in their two cents on middle names. We had 50% vote boy and 50% vote girl. Half the girl people voted for "Beatrix Rose" and half the boy people voted for "Louis Theodore". Personally I'd also been thinking "Theodore" or "Winston" if Thwompy is male.