Tea for Two


Walter having Tea with Snowball and Chocolate Baby (formerly named Cupcake Baby)


And also me and Beatrix

So Walter has two baby dolls: Kitty Baby and Chocolate Baby. Kitty Baby has a cat on her jammies. Chocolate Baby has a cupcake and was originally called Cupcake Baby, but then one day Walter was undressing her and she's one of those dolls with hard plastic appendages and a cuddly soft fabric body (you can see it in the picture). It looks like she's wearing a onesie. Walter looked at the color of the fabric and said "Oh! My baby is covered in chocolate!"And renamed her Chocolate Baby after that. Chocolate Baby is his favorite. I'd specifically gotten her, so that Walter would have a dolly to play with when he wanted to imitate Mommy and it's worked really well. I'd ordered this particular type, because his friend Isa had one of the same brand and it just felt like a baby. I had my choice on Amazon of European, Asian, African or Latino. I liked how the Latino one looked best. Especially with baby dolls, I think it's important to have ones with a variety of features, because who knows what your life mate will look like? Anyway, I did not realize that 'chocolate' could be a slur for dark skinned people when Walter named his dolly this until Mike's mom had asked if anyone was offended. To date, Walter's only had one African friend over and when she saw Walter carrying around Chocolate Baby and calling her that, her reaction was "Aw! You got him a dark skinned baby! That's so sweet!" So, no, thankfully that does not seem to be a derogatory term here.