Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I've launched a Kickstarter for book three of my webcomic. Kickstarter is essentially a site that allows you to pre-order products, giving the creator the funds up front to make it happen. If you hadn't noticed, it shares web hosting with Walter's pictures. The comic is a 5 days a week autobiographical strip chronicling the most pivotal time in my life, starting with my decision to start fostering cats through Michael and mine's engagement. I'm about halfway through drawing the series. I'm using the profit that I raise to pay for the web hosting for this site (about $12 a month) and am hoping I have enough left over to get a new laptop, to help me continue to work while still taking care of Walter's needs.


This is the link.

Please don't feel obligated to back the project, but I thought I'd just let you know it exists in case you want to. Also, no matter what, you should follow the link and watch the video, because you can see Walter squirming around and burbling.