Useful New Parent Links

The Night Light

A fabulous review of baby products. Most of the things we first bought for making life with a tiny human easier, were recommendations on this site.

Marco Armant's Baby Stuff Picks

The Armants' have very good taste in gear. I got a lot of stuff off this list and have used their recommendations for all sorts of kitchen tools as well. They also have a good toddler page.

The Sweet Home

Sister site to The Night Light and good for if you're looking for cooking gadgets or any home appliances or improvements.

Blue Apron

Pricy if you're a super bargain shopper gourmand like me, but if you do a lot of takeout or boring food, they are a sweet deal. Very yummy food that is easy to make, all ingredients delivered right to your door. Perfect for that post partum period.

Tom Bihn Bags

The most awesome travel bags. This link goes straight to their diaper bag. They are impressively well thought out, include lifetime repairs and guarantees of quality, and are shockingly capacious for their size. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

The Intrepid Bag Co.

This link is to the "sporran" I use. It's roomy enough for phone, keys, wallet and checkbook, but won't eat your life like a purse. I wear it on my hip, so I never have to worry about leaving my vital stuff somewhere when distracted by a kid or being pickpocketed. If you're pregnant it also works decently as an over the shoulder strap. 

PJ Library

If you're Jewish and live in the U.S. or Canada this is a wonderful resource. They will send your child a free book every month from 6 months to 12 years. The books are to introduce your child to Jewish culture and I've found them delightfully non-religious. They show multi-racial families, all different types of Judaism and are just good books.

Comics Marjorie Reads Regularly

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Posts 7 days a week. Far Side style comics about science, religion, parenting and many an other topic. Very irreverent humor.

Scandinavia and the World

A Hetalia-esk rendition of the globe, focusing on the Nordic countries. It's cute, funny and offers a fascinating window into the cultures of the chilly European climes.

Questionable Content

One of my main inspirations. Very soft science fiction, all about the character development. Posts 5 days a week and will draw you immediately.

Something Positive

A lot of black humor, also a major inspiration, updates 5 days a week. There are no print collection, which makes it hard to catch up on the decade of past comics, but you can pick up the plot quick enough. It's a story you can really grow with, the characters are all in their 30's now in different walks of life. 

Greasy Space Monkeys

A fun Scifi romp about two janitors on a space station, one brilliant, the other good at staying alive who manage to get themselves tangled up in all sorts of adventures.


Media Worth Consuming

iPad Games for Newbies

A curated list of iPad games that are fun for both toddlers and those of us who did not grow up when video games were just a normal part of childhood. If I didn't consider the game to be at least an A- it didn't make this list!

TV Shows for Young Ones

A curated list of TV shows that my son has watched at different stages of his development, complete with how watchable it is for the adults in the room. This isn't an exhaustive catalog of what my child has watched, but only the best of the best.

Other Pregnancy and Parenthood Comics

It's Pregnancy

Finished, stops right before the giving birth part. Pretty sepia tone style. A lot of body horror humor.

Mom Comic

Updates are kind of sporadic, but theoretically once a week. Starts at first trimester and is currently up to toddlerhood. Simple, Sunday newspaper comic funnies style. Format is similar to The Far Side. Fun fact, she and I had the same due date for our first children!

Fowl Language

Updates 3 times a week. All the characters are ducks and the color work has pretty grain on the filters. Usually one panels, but then with a bonus panel that's often funnier than the main comic. It's a little kvetchy for my taste, but has some very amusing strips.

Stranger Danger

Updates once a week. Cute early webcomics style. Mainly about parenting of little kids.

How Baby

Updates twice a week. It's not chronological, which can be a bit jarring, but doesn't detract much from the wry humor and gorgeous art.

Hedger Humor

Updates regularly and is more about the older years of parenting than the baby years. Art is rough, but colorful and functional.

New Mom Comics

Minimalist black and white art. Updates infrequently, but they're always sweet and worth reading.