Finally finally finally, I have launched the last Kickster for Seeking Shelter. This is the link. This has been a monkey on my back since last June. I was torturing myself with the idea that I had finished the series, but never bothered to actually put out the last print collection. It’s a pet peeve I have with other creators, when they put out a few volumes in print and then just don’t do the work for fans, like me, who really don’t enjoy reading things on the web. I really did not want to join their ranks, but, you know, kids, buying a new house, learning a new language, navigating a new culture…there was a lot going on. However, it’s up, it’s done for anyone who wants a copy of the third greatest accomplishment in my life, a copy of a childhood dream come true and a monument to some of the more interesting years of my life, though honestly few have ever been dull!