If you haven’t seen it, I have a page for iPad Games for kids and newbies. They probably are available on a lot of platforms, the iPad is just what we own. This is the link. I haven’t updated it in a while, so here’s some new ones

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Halfshell Hereos

The art in this is adorable. I think it was based off the failed pilot for a 4th incarnation of the TV show and is done in an anime tribute, young, playful style full of expression. The game itself is Fruit Ninja Style swiping, which is very satisfying and fun, but where the game really shines is the narration. It does an amazing job of walking you through what you’re supposed to be doing, how the characters are and what the next plot point is. It’s a great primer for the basics of an action based tablet game.

Small Child Appeal: It’s The Turtles, the difficulty level isn’t punishing and the narration sucks you in.

Adult Appeal: Lovely art, walks you through the game play and gives a great sense of accomplishment.

Lego MARVEL Superheros

It is unfortunately obvious that this was adapted from a console game and the controls can sometimes be both opaque and frustrating, that said, it’s still really fun. You can get very far with frantic swiping and tapping, while the goals for each level give an incentive to replay stages again and again. My son, with that small child tech intuition, has figured out all sorts of special moves he had to teach me, but at the end of the day, I enjoy it enough, I play it for 20 minutes when my toddler is sleeping and my son is at school!

Small Child Appeal: It has a ridiculous amount of Marvel characters to choose from and it’s about super heroes.

Adult Appeal: It’s challenging game play for a beginner, but still doable. It’s a great next step up tablet game for newbies.

Lipa Eggs

This is much more educational and in line with what I generally recommend. Also, it’s a rare game I review on here that’s actually free! Most of the Lipa games are really great. I like this one, because it doesn’t just teach primary and secondary colors, with your palate of red, blue and yellow, you actually have to figure out how to make turquoise, mint, mauve, peach etc, which is surprisingly challenging.

Small Child Appeal: You get to paint eggs and when you get the coloring right, out hatches a bird! Adorable.

Adult Appeal: It’s soothing to paint eggs and some of the later color combos are pretty challenging.

Tap Tap Ocean

Comomola is another is another studio that puts out really quality apps. Tap Tap Ocean is beautiful and probably not a great adult game, but it’s wonderful for children. The lovely, fairly realistic art means you can teach your kid tropical fish names. It teaches counting and has very simple dynamics that make it easy to engage with.

Small Child Appeal: Tap fish! Simple fun!

Adult Appeal: Not much aside from art.