Blog Post 29

I don’t like Facebook, for obvious privacy and morality reasons, but I have an account, because it’s what a lot of people use. I have lots of people Friended on there and by design rarely interact, but I scroll through sometimes. We’ve been in Denmark for 16 months now and in small child time that is an incredibly long period. It’s been long enough that when I see the faces of all these children I knew back in Massachusetts they look so mature, so unlike the little toddlers I knew. My son’s oldest friends are in Kindergarten now, his contemporaries are in preschool, there’s a whole batch of baby siblings that I’ve never even met. I know they say that as you age time is supposed to feel like it goes by faster, but I can never get over how slow it feels. When a toddler changes so much in one year, it makes that year feel like a decade to me.

It’s hard to believe in a couple months my son will finally be 4. I had thought 3 would be that golden year when he could be reasoned with, would start to listen and be a bit independent. It wasn’t. Almost 4 is. He’s finally potty trained. He picks out and matches his own clothes. He has opinions on everything and I can actually use logic with him. Sure there are meltdowns and small child shenanigans, but I don’t feel like I have to hover over him every moment. It’s pretty great.