Blog Post 25

I still don't like to think about our move to Denmark. I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and for me, pregnancy made me want to nest and focus on family, friends and my general support network, pretty much the opposite of what we ended up doing. We had just finished getting the house pretty much how we wanted it, the only projects left being to redo the bathroom and get a kiln. It was perfectly baby proofed and a great place to raise little ones. That said, I have never missed our house in Pembroke for even a moment. It was small, 1440 square feet plus another 800 in the basement, with only 100 of that finished off into a little office for my husband. The open concept kitchen, dinning area, living room meant it was hard to have company over if they wanted to have wine after dinner, but we wanted to watch a show. The cathedral ceiling and open walkway made our cape airy, but it also made the second upstairs room awkward with the sloped eaves, giving it little usefulness. Our bedroom was big, which was kind of nice and kind of a waste of space for a room you just sleep in and as romantic as the balcony seemed, I'm afraid of falling from heights. Our new T shaped ranch is 25% bigger and much better laid out, not to mention in a better location and a bit cheaper. However I missed the appliances.

We had such glorious appliances! Our Zoujirushi rice maker, our sous vide, the Electrolux induction stove top with convection oven, our top of the line Bosch dish washer, the Samsung fridge with the french doors that had the smooth handles that felt so good in my hands, our cheerful LG washer and dryer with the steam dry cycle...every mechanical thing we had bought for the house had been painstakingly researched and as recent Flintstone turned Jetson I just adored them. Now a year and a half after that distressing move, we have fully settled into our new house and have our new set of gadgets. They aren't exactly the same as the old ones. For example, kitchens are smaller here and thus fridges tend to be much skinnier, we ended up with another Samsung, but one that's almost as tall as the room to get as much capacity as possible. The new dryer is a Bosch, because it turns out vented driers are incredibly inefficient and Bosch has the best tech for self cleaning condensers. However, our dishwasher is a sibling of the one I adored in the 'states and we found a cheerful chatty LG washer here with the steam function that is so great when you're washing feces stained clothes all the time. The new Zoujirushi is tiny, but it is adequate for our needs, we found the same brand for sous vides and our newest addition, the ice cream maker, is in constant use. I love nature and being outdoors, but I am also totally in love with my machines!