Blog Post 24

It has been an exhausting week. My daughter had a low grade fever the whole time and decided I was her personal suit of mecha armor complete with feeding nozzles. In other words she wanted me to carry her everywhere, pick up things she wanted and would only drink mama's milk (my weaning attempts are still failing). In retrospect the enforced naps and reading time were probably good for me. On top of that we had a water softener installed, a new washer and a new dish washer delivered as well as lots of Ikea stuff (yay, getting our deposit back on the rental, finally!). On top of that my son's nursery school had a summer party. I have never been to anything equivalent in the US. Børnehave are for kids aged 3-6. The was a desserts table where we had all contributed sweet treats (mine was my Grandma's mondel bread), drinks both free and to be paid for. That was pretty standard. The fire pit with dough for roasting was new. That's what they do here, not marshmallow roasting, but bread roasting. I still haven't had a chance to try it myself, but it looks tastier and more wholesome than the American version. There was also an archery section (thankfully with plunger arrows), pony rides, candles to be extinguished via water gun, a simple code a robot section, the sand box was filled with fake gold and face painting. People had brought their own dinners for the grill and you had people from all corners of the globe running around and having fun. Since my kids go to bed at 6:30 and the party was 4-7, we only stayed for an hour, long enough to max out both son and husband's socializing capacity and for me to say hi to most of the parents.