Blog post 23

Autumn comes early in Scandinavia, admittedly summer started early by my Mainer standards as well. School started back up last week, the trees are exploding with fruit and the weather has dropped to pleasantly cooler temps. My son's børnehave has finished it's own summer break and we're all starting to get back into a routine. I couldn't figure out why his pedagog had been so grumpy lately until the truth became apparent yesterday. My son had stopped interacting with her. Why? Because he didn't recognize her. This is pretty funny considering she is the only Middle Easterner working there as a teacher and even if he couldn't recognize her large, dark, round eyes and swarthy complexion, she's the only pedagog who covers her hair. She had to reintroduce herself to him and then he gave her a big hug proclaiming "Jeg kan lide dig, Samia" (I like you, Samia). Grumpiness gone. 

I had noticed that my son's opening social gambit was always to ask kids their names, something that the pedagog had taught him when I'd first pointed out his face blindness. I thought it had become a sort of game as he got good enough to ID most of the kids on sight. However I now realize he still does it every time he wants to interact with another child, so that he doesn't just think that kid is Liwia or Jonas, he KNOWS exactly which child he's playing with. It's a little weird, but as quirk goes, it sure is effective, and makes him socially much more comfortable never having to guess if that child over there is or isn't his friend.