Blog Post: 19

So I went and got my hair cut recently. I only do it about twice a year, because it's a colossal pain and every time we move it's difficult to find a new barbershop. I couldn't find any in town with waiting rooms with toys, which meant enlisting my husband to watch the toddler instead of asking a friend to go with, so I chose the place closest to the house, which was a men's salon. The nice Kurdish below running the shop agreed to my cut my hair and I was really happy with the experience. First of all, it was like 40% cheaper than going to a place that advertises doing women's hair. Second, while usually I have to fight constantly to get them to make my hair short enough (no, no! That would be a man's hair cut! You don't want to look like a guy!), here, he happily hacked it all off and if anything made it a little shorter than I would have preferred. It was great, instead of it being all scissors and the question of what to do with my low hair line, he even used the electric clippers on the long parts of my hair and did all sorts of fussy work around the hairline on my nape and near my ears. I guess I should have taken the hint earlier, if stylists were complaining I wanted a man's haircut, I should have just gone to a man's barbershop to begin with!