Blog Post 13

A while ago I made this webpage as a reference for myself and my son's social circle, since I seemed to be spending so much time recommending good apps for small children. This is the link. I probably should update it, though these are the classics. In the year and a half since my son discovered the iPad, he's since grown bored with it and his voracious appetite for challenging games has far outstripped the pace at which quality content is produced. I've moved on to educational games about the human body, outer space, geology...he likes it, but nothing really sucks him in. That is until my husband found the game Scalak yesterday. It's no beginners puzzle game. It's like the logical evolution of the simplistic shape games they create for small children, where it's all sorts of crazy geometric designs on a 3D board that you have to manipulate to make the object whole. Personally, it makes my head hurt. My husband managed to beat it in a night, because he's just that kind of gamer. My son beat the first screen in an hour, admittedly me with me sitting there helping him navigate the most frustrating parts. I expect this is going to be his obsession for the next few weeks. If you've tried all the simple shapes games like Busy Shapes of Gazilli Shapes and want to take your geometric spacial reasoning to the next level, I would highly recommend giving this a go. It's simplistic challenging fun.