Getting Used to Writing a Blog 12

The current ice creams in our freezer are wild blueberry rich with actual pureed fruit, creamsicle made with Cointreau and vanilla bean bits and Jagermester replete with the herbal booze popular with old men and party girls in Germany. All are homemade, of course. I've had the ice cream maker for months down and the joy of making my own frozen treats has not diminished. I still have a running list of flavors that I want to try and ones that I need to do several more iterations on. For example high levels of alcohol (like 4 tablespoons) make the ice cream soft and it adds a great flavoring agent, but also keeps the ice cream from fluffing up, while adding glucose syrup instead of cane sugar makes it extra fluffy, so a combo of the two creates normal textured ice cream. I've also learned I can put a whole egg in my treats instead of just the yolk, it tastes fine and I don't constantly have to figure out what to do with random egg whites. Generally speaking I end up with three categories of ice cream: pure flavors/fruits, ice cream with things (like cookie pieces, chopped up chocolate bar, swirls of nutella etc.) and boozy ice creams. All are equally fun to make and have unique challenges, like fruit pits for the first category and the aforementioned texture for the third. Learning when to put in a swirl was really hard and I feel like I haven't perfected it yet. All in all, it's a fun, tasty little hobby that's easy to manage even with my current hectic life and the rewards are sweet, pun totally intended.