Reluctant Blog Post 2

Another thing I love about living in Denmark is how candid people are. My parents visited recently and they were rather taken aback by the biker chiding them loudly that they were strolling in the bike lane or more dramatically when we got a treat at the bakery, sat down to eat it, and had a waitress storm into to tell us that it cost extra to sit and that was NOT how that pastry was consumed. She left in a huff, with our half eaten treat. She did eventually come back with it on a pretty plate, sliced into even portions and provided us with cutlery and napkins. It was pretty funny, though I think my parents were shocked that she'd take us to task on our unwitting rudeness. I find it so nice, because I never have to worry about making a faux pas. If I make a mistake, someone will tell me. This means that I take more chances, because I'm not afraid of breaking unspoken rules. For example, I found a lovely bit of beach off the main road. On our second visit there I noticed there was a big "private" sign on the side street leading to it. In the US, I would have taken this to mean we shouldn't go there, but our rental was on a private road and people walked down it all the time to pick blackberries or flowers or once even had it be a clue on a big school treasure hunt. Moreover, every time we run into people there, they're always wicked friendly and often offer advice like "if you go down the path a little further there is a better swimming spot." My bicycle is right there, so they must know we don't live on the street, but they seem not just unbothered, but actually welcoming of this stranger and her two small children.