Reluctant Blog Post 6

I need to buy new shoes. This may not seem like that big a deal, but I just bought new shoes in March and they're already worn out. They were high end, expensive Naots, the brand I've been a devotee of since I got tendonitis in college. I usually calculate that I need to buy one pair per season, but that was back when I owned a car. Now it looks like I may need to buy new shoes quarterly. My husband rightly pointed out that while this is annoying, it's still cheaper than owning a car, that my shoe budget is no where near what our gas/insurance/car maintenance budgets were. This is true and I suppose there is something much more fun about picking out a new shoe than picking out a new tire. It's just that with my heavy gait, hot feet and sensitive tendons, finding a sandal with support, lift and good straps is a real challenge. Naots aren't sold online in Denmark. I'm actually considering going back to Birkenstocks, my beloved childhood shoes that I wore from kindergarten through college. My complaints used to be the degradation of the cork, but I don't run through as many swamps anymore and the shoes are wearing out faster than the cork anyway. I also had an issue with how flat they were, but they've now released a fashion line, Papillio, that is great for people with tendon issues as more than have of their shoes have an incline. I've been browsing online and it will be interesting to see how they feel. It's kind of funny to go back to my expensive, obscure childhood shoes that are now local and common as mud!