174: Bullying

So I found another thing about Denmark that I love: the municipal hot water companies. Back in the 70's when there was the energy crisis, people couldn't afford to heat their homes, I think people may have even died because of it, so the municipalities made their own heating companies to affordably give everyone in their communities heat. This is why radiators are so popular here. I love it, because we don't need an expensive boiler. We don't have to worry about it breaking and best of all we don't have to worry about carbon monoxide. The house came with a boiler mate. It's old. It's innards are coated in calcium. It takes a full five minutes to get hot water and three consecutive showers will use almost all of it up. We asked a plumbing company about replacing it. Actually we asked five and the last one mentioned that the municipality would install something for free. Sure enough, this morning I got confirmation that for a lease of about $25 a month, they will install a tankless hot water heater, maintain it and we'll have as much hot water as we could ever want. Even better, it means that we'll have an actual thermostat for our heating system, the kind that just figures out the temperature and adjusts accordingly. Oh how I have missed that since we moved. I don't know why they aren't prevalent here (come on, we had one in Maine in the 1980's!), but I'm so excited to have one again instead of having to check the temperature outside and adjust the hot water flow control accordingly. So yay socialism. I'm looking forward to not having to shell out thousands of dollars to get our hot water situation fixed and getting a better fix that we expected.