183: First Baby

Book 001 - 200 First Baby.png

So, big news: I'm stopping Infinite Trouble. When I started the last comic series, I was a newly wed, I quit my job six months into doing the series and just had oodles of time. Now I've got two kids, the 3 year old wants all my attention when he's home and the baby is only a year and has already stopped napping. Neither of them goes to bed particularly predictably and so the time I have to myself is vanishingly small and I need to be relaxed in order to be creative. On top of that, I'm just not enjoying writing Infinite Trouble as much. Babies are not as fun to draw as cats and with all the clothing and the patterns and trying to get the scale right....it's just very time consuming and a pain. Most importantly, I feel like I don't have enough perspective to know what's important. Unlike Seeking Shelter, this chapter of my life isn't finished, I have no idea how long it is and where it is going. I think there's a reason most stories are about meeting your life mate and end with "then they lived happily ever after", because that happily ever after just isn't always good reading. I've got a few more strips that I will post and I'm going to experiment with changing the main page to a mini blog. I feel really uncomfortable with blogging, but many a person has told me how much they enjoy reading the blurbs under the comic and that's something I don't need energy or creativity for, so that will keep posting and probably post a lot more regularly. The other thing I'm going to work on is cleaning up the site and FINALLY putting out the last volume of Seeking Shelter. I'm like 80% of the way to getting the Kickstarter Campaign ready to launch and now it's going to be my priority. After the Kickstarter is done, I have no idea what I will do, but I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for your support. I'm sorry to stop Infinite Trouble, but it's no longer a labor of love, so it's time to let it gather some dust.