168: Restraint

A family friend sent me this article. I found it interesting and at the same time incredibly biased. This is not the first time I have run into this sort of righteous indignation at Denmark, that somehow because the indigenous people are genetically European and on top of that have the audacity to be naturally pale in coloring, eye, skin and hair that they should feel shame and humility about their natural privilege. This idea that they are somehow unrepentant racists who won't confront their past is absurd. We'd been living in Denmark for less than a month before my husband's Danish coworkers casually mentioned something about the fanciest old buildings down town being built on the blood money of slavery. I have talked to a lot of Danes, and while I'm sure there is some subset who are actually racists, the majority are just pro-assimilation and bothered by any blatant signs that immigrants aren't trying to fit in. The United States has deep and troubling race relations. The preponderance of black people being arrested and shot for no reason is absolutely disturbing. However that doesn't mean the rest of the world is like that and it seems hypocritical to true to point out another country's perceived flaws when they can't even fix the very troubling issues at home.