167: Get That Number

Until two days ago I had never heard of Janelle Monáe and, wow, was I missing out. Her music is beautiful, catchy, haunting and all over the place. My husband and I watched the three videos for songs off her new album. Each one was totally different ranging from a pop feel to pure rap. I don’t listen to much rap, I love Nikki Minaj and I’d bop along to tunes on the radio, but generally speaking all the lyrics went over my head. I must have listened to Nikki Minaj’s In the HOV Lane a dozen times before I realized she was talking about the high occupancy lane of a highway. However, with Janelle Monáe I get all the references, history, cultural references, literature…in the video she’s even dressed in African dictator chic. I realize my music taste is incredibly eclectic, but if you haven’t heard heard of this amazing singer, I urge you to give her a try.