166: Useful

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We ordered a new lawn mower. This probably sounds boring, but I'm wicked excited about it. As a kid, we had "lawn locust" (and this was Maine, so they were all multi-generation Americans of UK descent in case you think us calling landscape workers this is some sort of racial slur) who would descend on our postage stamp of a yard in a flurry of activity and leave it this perfect manicured plot. The plantings were mainly original to the house, which had been built in 1913, so there was little needing to be planted and nothing mowed. I used to dream of having a big yard. When I was 15 my parents bought a summer house and I was so excited to have a chance to cut grass, except it was mainly unlandscaped and there was no grass to cut. I was in my 20's by the time we had lawn there and obviously wasn't actually at the summer house much. When I was it seemed to take forever for Daddy to get the lawnmower going and you had to do it all in one go, because it was so fussy to start. When my husband and I bought our first home we got this amazing battery powered lawn mower. Seriously, if you live in the US, Ego battery powered yard tools are so awesome. We had a trimmer and leaf blower that all used the same battery. It started with a button, it never needed maintenance and it just worked. Mowing grass was a childhood fantasy realized there. Last summer we had a rental where we were excepted to take care of the humungous lawn, but weren't actually provided a machine to do it with. In short, the idea of having a lawn and a lawn mower all my own is wicked exciting, especially since it's a cute well maintained yard and we got a Black and Decker battery powered mower that hopefully will live up the expectations the Ego set. I have some moral objections to lawns as a rule (imitating 18th century royalty, keeping grass plants in an unnatural state where they never get to mature and reproduce, bad for the environment etc), but I still like a little controlled rampaging on the greenery.