165: Mobility

My kids have managed to practically destroy both pairs of glasses I bought in the fall and in annoyance I’ve decided to go back to wearing contact lenses. I got a giant pile back when we had vision insurance and I figure I should use them up before they expire. It reminds me of my school days. When I was in high school I had this eye doctor who theorized that hard lenses would hold your eyes in shape and keep your eye sight from degrading. I don’t think that works…but, anyway, my older sister and I each got a pair. I liked that they were smaller than the soft ones, but in general were a colossal pain. They were expensive and had to be cleaned regularly. They were easy to put on a nightmare to take off. I actually had a tiny plunger I’d use if they slipped and got stuck in the wrong place. If you rubbed your eyes, it was very easy to get them in the wrong place and they were extremely vulnerable to dust. Nothing worse than dirt in your eye and having to find someone where to remove and then carry around those stupid lenses. I think I wore them for three years before I’d had enough. The next time I went for contacts, I insisted on Dailies, so I could chuck ‘em at the end and never think about cleaning them. I still use those, I still also remove my lenses like they’re hard (by putting pressure on my eyelids and blinking) rather than pinching something out of my eyes, which still freaks me out.