156: Heavy Weight

My cargo bike got another flat tire, this is two in as many months. I was pretty ticked, but the bike shop told me 'tis the season for that. In winter/early spring, there ends up being a lot of grit on the roads that works its way into the tires and punctures them. On my To Do list for this summer is now learn how to patch an inner tube myself! On the other hand, it's stay way cheaper than owning a car. My husband is fantasizing about when our daughter is three, I go back to work and we can buy a little electric car. Honda is putting out a model specifically aimed at Europe that will hopefully be very affordable and great for weekend adventuring and what not. It's nice being in a country where everything is so small and close, so a couple hours range on a car is all you need and the 100% tax on cars here is reduced depending on how environmentally friendly the model you buy is, so that makes electric even more affordable! I like public transportation, but it would be nice to say "I want to go to Legoland!" and not have three transportation transfers to get there.