152: Get Comfy

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So on the subject of parent requires sacrifice...what's the deal gun owners? I'm all for going out and bagging a deer for dinner with your own hand and weaponry and I got nothing against people who enjoy going to the range and playing with their lethal toys, but seriously if it's guns or kids, why is this even a conversation? The United States is the only developed nation with this problem. Scandinavia has a healthy hunting culture and plenty of gun owners, but what they don't have is children dying in schools from crazies with military hardware. There is plenty of science proving that banning of military grade weapons reduces the number of mass shootings. This is a solved problem, but the government just doesn't want to hear it. If I was in the U.S. right now I would be resolving to homeschool my kids, because no one should have to wonder every day if they are sending their babies out to be educated at the risk that they might end up dead. I am pro responsible gun ownership, the kind where you keep your bullets no where near your piece and both are kept in safes, but I have no patience for the ease with which any fool can buy a weapon. Think about it, it's harder and more expensive to adopt a child then it is to give someone the means to go kill a bunch of them. We shouldn't be asking teachers to carry guns, we shouldn't be asking teachers to become a branch of the military and education be going to war. If that's how someone feels, go move to some war torn country where five year olds learn to shoot machine guns and leave the United States to join the rest of the developed world as a safe place to live. Mass shootings should be the sort of thing that only happens in anime.