150: Comcast

We've ordered an ice cream maker as a late birthday present for me. I'm wicked excited. We got this model. I know in the US it's cheaper to just buy ice cream, but at the equivalent of $10 a pint for Ben and Jerry's here, that's not true of Denmark. There's a Danish brand making American style ice cream that's only $ 5 a pint (still more than what we used to pay in the 'states), but they only have five flavors and with the nursing and all the bike riding, if I don't have ice cream before bed time I am starved by morning, so five flavors gets boring fast, no matter how good they are. So we're going to be making it ourselves, good old fashioned iced cream with salmonella free egg yolks and 40% fat Danish cream guaranteed only a day later from the cow! I'm wicked excited to try making treats with dough from my favorite cookie recipes of with Scandinavian ingredients like lingonberries or whipping creme fraiche instead of regular cream. In the summer I want to try to make alcoholic drink inspired sorbets too. It should be a ton of fun and give the frozen treat variety that my husband and I are both creating. This also means we can make it lower sugar, which is a nice added bonus, since new studies are saying fat isn't so bad for you in moderation, but processed sugar is still the boogey man. Yay, ice cream!