149: Keep Away

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Hurray three strips in a week, my life is becoming more manageable. My bicycle got it's second flat tire of the year, which considering where and how often I bike isn't that surprising. I was on foot with my super "cargo" stroller as my son calls it because of it's capacious nature, which is totally like the Miata of double strollers, which has been fun for the kids, but eating up a lot of my time. On the other hand, I've gotten to really admire the local architecture and caught up my podcasts. I discovered this really fabulous one called History and Legends of the Iroquois, which may be new favorite. It's a totally different lens to look at American history through and gives a lot of perspective on the whole colonial era. I wish I could have seen the American chestnut orchards, where the trees were as big as redwoods and the undergrowth so sparse you could drive a carriage through it!