147: Copy Cat

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Fastlavn was today. We went back to our old town and my son's børnehave to celebrate. All the kids wear costumes, my son was a pirate, and then they hit a barrel with a stick until it gives up candy. I did not realize how long a process this was. The older kids (4 and up) were upstairs with a wooden barrel, while downstairs we had a cardboard barrel. Most of the kids were quite bad at whacking the barrel, including my son, but even with two rather skilled barrel whackers it took over an hour. By the end, half the kids had given up and I had resorted to helping the kids hit the barrel harder. The candy did seem to worth it, everyone enjoyed their Fastlavn buns and fun was had by all. I just really hand't realized how hard it was to get the barrel to give up the metaphorical cat. Oh, as a fun side note, the kid who first bursts the barrel gets to be the "cat queen" and the one who gets the last slat to fall off the rope gets to be the "cat king".