Pantsuit Politics

One of the earliest podcasts I listened to was Decode DC. It was interesting, but I unsubscribed after the 2016 election, because I felt it was not going to have anything to say that I wanted to hear. Through Decode DC, I had found Pantsuit Politics, which I found often times quite a soothing listen in the tumultuous political times. Unlike several other shows I sampled, the two ladies (Sarah the democrat and Beth the Republican) actually spoke with real emotion and passion and didn’t just dismiss people’s discomfort out of hand. True to their motto of nuance, their discussions are always empathetic, thoughtful and reasonable. While I make no bones about the fact that I think the GOP is now in the realm of communism: a great political concept, but the reality is just a corrupt, selfish mess, Beth reminds me that just because someone is a Republican, doesn’t mean they ascribe to the current GOP’s beliefs. While I’ve given up on calling myself an independent and acknowledge that I probably occupy some fairly radical leftist space, I find much of what, Beth, the conservative says is what I agree with and in general, I like listening, because I disagree with them in ways that make me think. I like a show that makes me think.

Another thing that is just amazing about these women is that even though their audience has grown a lot, they still answer their mail. I’ve been emailing them from time to time for the entirety of being a listener and they always answer. Considering both work, have small children AND do this twice weekly podcast, plus another one called The Nuanced Life I find this particularly impressive. I don’t do half of what they do and I still can’t find the time to answer all my emails as quickly as I feel I should.

Anyway, why I’m rambling about Pantsuit Politics, is because in a month I’m going to be on their show. When we first made the big move, they had joked I should be a guest on their show and now I’ve been in Denmark long enough that I feel I can actually talk confidently on the difference between a pure capitalist nation and a social safety net capitalist country. So, if you want to listen to a bit of a really cool podcast and haven’t gotten enough from this blog of me talking about living in what other Nordic countries have told me is the least progressive Scandinavian country., tune in! I’ll post a link when it goes up in January.