It's Coming!

Finally, finally, finally I am on the brink of putting out the final volume of Seeking Shelter. I am embarrassed to say that I finished editing the files for print a year and a half ago. Finding a bit of time every day to edit 10 pages wasn’t bad, the real bottle neck was getting my husband to help me make the PDFs. In theory, it’s a very simple process, he runs it through a program he wrote and out pops the PDF. The problem is that the last four times we did it there were always problems: I hadn’t sized the files correctly, I hadn’t split the colored web versions from the black and white print correctly, I had mismatched titles, the same amount of files weren’t in both print and web version etc. etc. Every time I thought I’d learned from my mistakes and it would be an easy process, but it never was. To compound things, I never found a good time to ask for help, so my husband was always stressed and in a bad mood when we were doing it, which was stressful for me and no one likes knowing they asked their sweetheart to pull an all nighter. So this time I promised myself I’d wait for a good time. The problem is it took me 18 months to find that good time. As a reminder, my kids are currently 4 and 19 months. In the last 18 months we had to fight with the slum lord we were renting from, bought a house, have dealt with the normal trials and tribulations of raising kids, family visits, work, learning a new language and culture etc. It took my in-laws visiting for Yule and having a couple days when our son was at vacation børnehave to finally find that window.

But we did! And I actually have the proofs on my laptop. They still weren’t sized correctly, I forgot one page and forgot to strip to color off of strip 860, but aside from that it was pretty painless. Oh, and that the ruby program was so old my husband had to spend hours finding where to enter a single command, so that the comics stopped ordering themselves in the same seemingly arbitrary order every time…oh and that it’s been so long CreateSpace seems to be gone and now I have to learn to navigate Lulu. Hopefully I won’t log onto Kickstarter and find out that has changed beyond recognition too…

But the important thing is I AM PUTTING OUT THIS BOOK!! I’ll probably be talking about it a lot over the next couple of weeks and I hope to go live by mid January. I’ve compiled all the epilogue strips, so it’s a whopping 240 pages. I’m thinking for stretch goals it will be all about putting more comics on the website. Better late than never, right? I’m sorry I’ve kept everyone waiting so long, but Seeking Shelter will be finished and compiled in print in 2019! Wooo!