Settling In

As I write this, a geriatric brindled long haired dachshund is lying by my side demanding cuddles. Nothing says you’re settled into the neighborhood like your elderly neighbor asking you to watch her dog for a couple hours while she goes to the gym. Dog hair on my keyboard, crumbs licked off the floor, life doesn’t get much better than this!

In other news, my toddler has been making great inroads on talking and has graduated to two syllable words. She often walks around the house practicing phonemes and new vocabulary. This has lead to some trouble with my four year old, who of course thinks everything is about him, so when she spends ten minutes saying “Yucky, yuckee, yuuuckeeee” he’s convinced she’s talking about him and bursts into tears. Another time she just started saying “nej” (Danish for ‘no’, pronounced “nigh”), so he started saying “Jo” (Danish for a contradictory yes, like the French ‘is’, pronounced ‘Yo’) So this was ten minutes of escalating Nejs and Jos that turned into Nejos and JoJos until I finally asked my son what he was arguing about. The answer: “She said nej, so I said jo, then she said nej again, so I said jo again.” So apparently if you want to drive a preschooler nuts just say no without any context and then keep saying it….My favorite of her new linguistic feats is she will repeat Robin and Cyborg’s catch phrases from the Teen Titans Go cartoon her brother loves to watch. They are“Kakaw!” and “Booya!” respectively. A toddler in a frilly pink dress running down the hall yelling “Booya!” is pretty adorable.