I am a big fan of buying things that are quality compared to buying cheap things I have to perpetually replace. Customer service means a lot to me be it Munchkin’s kids products or Tom Bihn’s bags. Recently I’ve added a new company to my Loyal for Life list: Trekz. They make really awesome bone conductor headphones. If you’re not familiar with the concept, these are open i.e. you can still hear what’s going on around you, headphones that instead of hearing with your ears you hear through your cheekbones. The Trekz are water resistant, so great for running, or in my case biking. The back band rests low, so it doesn’t interfere with bike helmets and is just very comfortable. They’re very flexible and so when not wearing them, I usually have them around my neck like a piece of jewelry, though they fit well in my pocket too. They’re wireless and best of all if you have hearing problems, like my mom, you may still be able to hear with these since they don’t actually use your ears.

I got into them soon after becoming a mom, because my son destroyed my wired headphones and my main use case was when I was walking outside around our high traffic neighborhood. My husband got me a cheap pair that worked good enough until they just didn’t. Something inside them broke and the audio in one air became nerve jarring static.

In the mean time, we had moved to Denmark and my husband had bought himself a pair of Trekz to go with his new theoretical biking life style. He’s never really become much a biker. Anyway, when my bone conductor earphones broke, he paired his Trekz to my phone. I was very happy with them, I used the constantly and wore them practically all day. This lead to my daughter grabbing them from around my neck and wanting to wear them as her own ornamentation. One day recently, she yanked on them wrong and in my effort to unhook them from my neck, one of the sides broke. They were still functional, but the wires were exposed and one ear piece dangled uselessly, meaning the sound was muted on that side.

Some of the rubber sealing on the headphones had come unglued a few months ago and I hadn’t bothered contacting the company. I decided now was the time since I wasn't positive if the headphones had a structural flaw (as I said my kid yanked them onto herself all the time) or if it was misuse. I contacted the company, told them the problem, they were still under the 2 year warrantee and I suggested maybe they could give me a discount on a new pair? Instead, they sent me a brand new set of headphones. Not only that, but they are actually upgraded to the new, lighter model. I am amazed at their generosity and I would tell anyone, get bone conductor headphones, because they’re awesome and get Trekz, because for the price difference, it’s cheaper to buy the pair that will last than the cheap knockoffs. Go with the company that stands by their product.