Global Warming

So I was having a conversation with my dad about migration. I don’t know the details of the “caravan'“ headed north, but I do know that the US has meddled in a lot of politics south of the boarder and is partially responsible for a lot of very unstable countries down there. I told him if people are coming from a country wrecked by the United States then it seems logical they should come and demand to live in the United States. You wreck my home, then I’m going to come live in yours. This had never occurred to me. I told him the same thing applied to global warming. If the United States actively encourages climate change and this inevitably makes entire swaths of the planet uninhabitable, then it is reasonable that these climate change refugees demand to live in the places responsible for ruining theirs.

On a much less dark note, this got me thinking about this model prediction of the world 4 degrees celsius hotter and how most of the planet will be uninhabitable. What it got me thinking was this is wrong. Why? Because it totally disregards the ingenuity of humans. It’s like that ridiculous statement that because red heads are a tiny percentage of the population and it’s a recessive gene, someday there will be no read heads. It totally discounts all the people carrying the red hair gene and how it pops up, how you could have it hiding for generations and then there it is again. As long as enough people carry it, which they will have to if they have a red headed parent, it will always come back.

So to return to humans, we’ve managed to carve out civilizations in incredibly inhospitable environments, think the Inuit, Sammi and other arctic cultures. Think about the Bedouins and other desert cultures. I can’t imagine that if Israel exists in spite of having neighbors on all sides who want to annihilate them, that they’d up and leave just because their country became unbearably hot. It seems much more likely they would pull of some phenomenal feat of civil engineering, like moving everyone underground and use light shafts and moisture capture systems to build underground forests and other human friendly ecosystems. Maybe they would bioengineer extremely heat resistant plants or biodomes and somehow make a modern garden of eden. Sure, not every country is going to have the resources to do this or even care enough about their entire population to try, naturally there will be mass migration, but I think it’s actually overly negative to think that 3/4ths or more of the planet will just become uninhabited desert. I am a huge proponent of preventing climate change and environmental conservatism, but if you live in Chicago or Rome and are starting despair for your grandchildren, don’t underestimate them, I’m sure they will figure something out! Life is change and even if it’s not in the direction that we want it to go, we can make it into the kind of adventure that we want to live!