Cartoons for Toddlers

My daughter is almost a year and a half and has hit that cognitive stage where cartoons are suddenly interesting to her. The first she was taken with was Paw Patrol, I do not like Paw Patrol; we own a season a half, because Walter went through a stage where I was desperate for anything that held his attention and gave me twenty minutes of peace. I find it inane, toyetic trash. It’s totally nonsensical. Why can the dogs talk, but none of the other animals? Why are they perpetually puppies? Why is this little boy who handles them without a family and so precocious? Why do the adults treat this little boy like an adult, is he actually just a very young looking midget? Beyond all all these gaping plot holes, the plot is almost identical for every 10 minute episode, nothing ever really changes, no one ever grows, no lessons are ever earned and the protagonists always win. I find there to be little substance and certainly no morality or life lessons taught. It exists to sell toys and, I’ll give it, it does it well. Also, did I mention it’s extremely gender unbalanced and sexist? It’s like a 1990’s throw back. However it’s been licensed in Denmark and my son got some of the toys for his birthday, so had a brief renewed interest that got Beatrix hooked.

Thankfully though, I had all 50 episodes of Doozers kicking around, which is as excellent as Paw Patrol is terrible. It features four little green people in a beautifully egalitarian and gender balanced world. They have cute construction related names: Molly, Daisy Wheel, Spike and Flex. Each episode is unique, featuring them solving an engineering problem. The focus is on team work, growth through failure, critical thinking, creativity and having fun. It’s got decent 3D art, peppy songs and is easy to process for even the very young. I remember my son went through a phase where he had to yell “Yahooza!” every time he went down a slide. While Blaze and the Monster Machines may still be my all time favorite children’s programing, Doozers runs a close second.