I just found a new podcast, which I am wicked excited about. It’s called Unorthodox, which I found through Oh No! Ross and Carrie. Unlike the latter, it has nothing to do with joining Scientologist, trying iawaska or interacting with Flat Earthers; it’s a weekly Jewish podcast. This is especially exciting for me, because I have been looking for a Jewish podcast for four years. I listen to ones for black people, for First Nations people, Latinos, homosexuals…pretty much any minority I can find, but I’ve never found one actually aimed at MY minority. It’s well produced, funny, fresh and such a delight to listen to something produced for my demographic. I’m currently cruising through three years of backlog, which is great, because listening to podcasts is perfect for monotonous tasks, so this is inspiring me to clean the house, do the endless rearranging that comes with buying a new place and all the autumn yard work. Much like even if you aren’t black I’d recommend The Stoop, regardless of your cultural persuasion, I’d give Unorthodox a go.